The mission of the Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs office is to develop health care professionals who are reflective of the communities, patients and region we serve, and who have gained an understanding of the many forms diversity and inclusion take.




Rush students at the diversity soiree

The Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs (SDMA) office works with students, faculty, and staff to create and sustain a welcoming and inclusive university environment for individuals from all backgrounds. We accomplish this in three main ways:

  • 交叉协作个月:空分多址办公室与学生,教职员工提供每月的教育和庆祝活动兑现的品种,从广泛的背景组的背景和遗产协同工作。
  • Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program (DICP):起于2018 - 2019年秋季学年,所有四个学院的新生将提供6会话证书课程,以加深他们对医疗保健系统和方法无意识的偏见的知识,踊跃发言,反对偏见。
  • 学生群体的亲和力:空分多址办公提供支持和指导学生的亲和力集团领导人举办的午餐正学,电影放映,节日和教育活动。与SDMA办公室合作,这些团体认为举办提高认识和赞赏,在繁忙的多种类型的多样性水平共同curriculuar活动。